Texas Beaches Stories Published in USA TODAY Online!

Galveston Seawall at the Pleasure Pier. Photo by Richard Varr

Galveston Seawall at the Pleasure Pier. Photo by Richard Varr

My latest stories on Texas’ great beaches have been published on USA TODAY‘s expansive website.  The beaches include those on Galveston Island, in Corpus Christi and on North Padre Island, and on Texas’ great spring break escape, South Padre Island.  Links are below and to the right.

Galveston Island


North Padre Island


South Padre Island




6 responses to “Texas Beaches Stories Published in USA TODAY Online!

  1. Just wanted to say in a previous article you wrote about the Board Game Café you stated that you knew no one who had old board games in their homes. Really? I’m 53, no kids, and have a ton of board games. The folks in my Sunday School group (all adults) meet almost monthly for a game night where we order pizza and play all sorts of games – board and domino. It’s fun, it’s fellowship and it fills an otherwise empty Saturday night. I intend to visit the new café as soon as I can. With friends in tow. Thanks for the tip.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. The blog your talking about is on Galveston.com/blogs. As for the board games, maybe I should look in my friends’ closets to see if they actually have any board games!

  2. curacaovacation

    I saw your articles as a great way to relax while finding out new and interesting things. I think that all the states of the US have a lot of things to offer and that at least half of them should be on the tourists’ maps.

  3. We have booked our stay at one of the Corpus Christi Hotels on the Beach. It will be a reunion of some sort for the family. My eldest brother is from Corpus Christi and we will be coming from different corners of the U.S. Can’t wait for the sun, sand, and great waters!

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