Fullerton Hotel Singapore: An Iconic Landmark

Fullerton Hotel at twilight. Photo by Richard Varr

Singapore has many excellent high-end hotels including the iconic five-star Fullerton Hotel, where I stayed for two nights during my visit. Housed in the neoclassical former Main Post Office and government building dating back to 1928, the Fullerton becomes ablaze in lights at dusk and stands out at the base of the downtown skyline and at the mouth of the Singapore River. It’s an ultra-luxury property with marble interiors, a grand stairwell, Infinity Pool beneath the outer façade’s Doric columns, and with striking cityscape and waterside views.

View from the Fullerton of Marina Bay and the towering Marina Bay Sands complex. Photo by Richard Varr

For a closer look at the hotel’s plush amenities and an ambiance that just makes you feel good about yourself, the below link takes you to my hotel review and photos of the Fullerton recently published by the London Telegraph.


For more information: https://www.fullertonhotels.com/the-fullerton-hotel



2 responses to “Fullerton Hotel Singapore: An Iconic Landmark

  1. Marius Mavricos

    Thanks for the tour RICHARD .
    Excellent photography and your detail, colorful description of places visited make fir interesting reading.

    Glad to hear you will be traveling and writing about other interesting places. Will be looking forward to seeing your photos and reading about them.’
    Keep the good times rolling RICHARD.

    All the best

    Sent from my iPad

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