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img_0698a1Welcome to my blog!

I am a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

What a year it’s been! My most recent posts include my September trip to Germany for my assignment on next year’s 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation.  Cities and towns across Germany will be holding celebrations and events.  I visited Wittenberg, Halle, Leipzig, Erfurt, Schmalkalden, Eisenach, Eisleben and Mansfeld.

Great reflection, Wittenberg Market Square

In Wittenberg, Germany. Great reflection off sphere in Market Square.

Before that are blog posts from my October/November trip to China, including Shanghai, Wenzhou and Guilin.  Before that, a link to my latest published stories from last year’s trip to Krakow, Poland, and my posts from my June trip to Yosemite National Park, the High Sierras and Mammoth Lakes, California.  Also, my late April and early May trip to Romania where I still have some relatives from my mother’s side.  Before that are my posts from my early April trip to Venice, my favorite city in the world!

Where am I going next?  Not sure yet, but I will find it exciting!


Richard in China, near Guilin’s twin pagodas.

(Header image is my photo from St. Barth, view from the Colombier Lookout.)


My novel of international intrigue, Warming Up to Murder, is available as an ebook, and in Kindle and Nook formats.  It’s about a TV reporter who finds himself chasing the “big story” spanning two continents.  See the links below.